Reliable. Affordable. Quality.

At AA Brighthouse, I believe in exceptional workmanship and top-quality service. That is why I guarantee to measure up to your expectations. I will sit and meet with you to understand your needs, from the simplest fixes to more complex renovation project.

£60 for the first hour during business hours.

£40 after the first hour for following commenced hours.

Working hours on weekdays are from

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

All materials cost, if required, are not included.

£90 per hour for emergency work for an evening, Sunday or bank holiday.

Booking made outside normal business hours may be made, but please note that an increased rate may apply for working hours outside of business hours, as stated above.

All materials cost, if required, are not included.

Per project

Some repair and renovation projects take time. For these projects, my affordable Per Project fixed price maybe your best option. Got a big or small project on your hands? Simply give me a call to discuss the details.

My work is guaranteed to be done right.